Staff Portrait Day

Get professional portraits of your entire staff on location in a mini-studio for one low all inclusive fee.  This package includes the individual sitting, online proofs for personal copies, and a high-resolution Photo CD for church use. Additional fees for groups and ministries.

Photo Fundraising Projects

This program is designed for a fundraising effort. We setup a mini-studio at your facility and take portraits of all who are interested. The sitting fee is waived. The proofs are posted online with a private password for ordering. A percentage of the sales are returned back to the sponsoring group.

What are Church Directories?

They’re a pictorial “yearbook” depicting Church life in the Congregation- the membership and activities- intended to promote a sense of community among its members. It’s also a tool the Church can use to put names and faces together and introduce new members to the Congregation. Virtually all mainstream Churches have done Directory Photography programs in the past and expect to update their Directory in the future.

What goes into a Directory?

Normally there are three types of content. The “Family” Section contains portraits of each Family participating which are taken by the “official” photographer. “Institutional” pages contain photographs of Church leadership, activities, candids and photos of Church sponsored groups; like the Choir, Board of Directors, Scouts, etc. The “Roster” Section is like a phone book of Church membership - with contact information for each family and often including other database information such as E-Mail addresses, Cell phone numbers, Birth dates, etc. The amount amount of personal information included will determined by the church directory committee and membership.

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